Via Casa Bedato, 8 Mocogno di Lama Mocogno (Mo)
Ospitalità in Fattoria

Bed & Breakfast in the Muntain

Overnight stays

What does it mean Hospitality to us?

An hospitality open, sincere and familiar that have always made possible to meet as strangers and to say goodbye as good old friends .

An Hospitality that tastes of pie and ricotta

An Hospitality that tastes good

Bed and Breakfast and Hospitality

Our Bedrooms

The Hospitality in the farm to perform well need some organization. We kindly ask you to book in advance.

In order to make it work!

Being an active and conscious part of a complex territory as it is the montainous one is challeging. Uncertainity about the harvest, climate changes and complexity of life make us ask to support this hospitality project.


If we will reach 500 overnight stays in one year it would be for us the tranquillity needed to stay in the territory and preserve its values and traditions.


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Via Casa Bedato, 8 Mocogno di Lama Mocogno  (Mo)


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