Via Casa Bedato, 8 Mocogno di Lama Mocogno (Mo)

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Educational farm: The Program

For these special days we propose to you to arrive around mid morning.

We'll prepare the bread together and if you would like to stop by for a food-tasting of typical products of the region. You will have the opportunity of visiting our family Balsamic farm of Balsamico Vinegar of Modena, tools of old profession, explore the surroundings or just relax tasting some true tranquillity.


Program of the day

Bed and Breakfast and Hospitality

Program: visit of the farm, Tasting of cheese and fruit juice

Orari Degustazioni:

  • Ore 10

    Welcome's Breakfast

  • Ore 11

    Visit of the Dairy farm "Beato Marco" –Place of production and point of sale of Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • Ore 12

    Kneading all together - Lunch with Crescentine and other typical products

  • Ore 13

    Shared snack with all the guests - Local products of self production and the region

  • Ore 15

    Walk in the nature

  • Ore 16

    A last snack together

Kids are welcome!

Animals too!

The visit of the farm is free!

Booking it is appreciated and mandatory!

Free parking area for cars.

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